Piia Rossi is an artist dividing her time between Finland, Slovakia and Ireland. Her practice consists of participatory art projects, printmaking and drawing. Rossi’s themes are often based on home, belonging, identity and pining. Currently she is a PhD student at the Bielefeld University, Germany.

Rossi’s art practice has gradually developed to direction of participatory projects and public encounters where the ideal outcome is when the art made by the initiating artist and the art produced by the participants get fused and become one. Rossi’s projects take an experimental approach to contemporary art production as it requires equal commitment from the participant and the initiating artists and acts as generator of material, knowledge and experiences.

In her studio based work Rossi’s chosen techniques are drawing and printmaking although her work often takes a 3D form. She is mostly interested in fine line drawing using any medium that suits the particular piece; pencil, ink, colouring pencils, marker, pen, and various printmaking techniques.

Hi everybody,

this summer I will be located in Slovakia, at the Tatra Mountains, from Mon 11.6.2018 till mid August. I am planning to pick up where I left with my beloved watercolor paintings and compose a painted diary of my garden and mountain living. I will also be renovating an old 19th century house with my husband, lets see how far we get with that. Gardening, cooking and cleaning included, I'm planning to enjoy the summer with my family and friends. So everybody, have a nice summer and should you want to contact me, do so by using the contact me -form. Best, Piia